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About Us

PrimeTime Premium Popcorn slices through the old, staid flavors of the past! We offer new, fun tastes that have never been experienced before. Along with our world renown classical flavors like Butter, Kettle Corn, Extra Butter and Natural; we offer an enormous variety of custom and exotic flavors! PrimeTime Popcorn partners wonderfully with companies who prefer a gourmet brand over the rigors of managing their own private label. The PrimeTime brand can be found in markets world-wide (in over 40 countries). PrimeTime Popcorn is manufactures solely in the USA! Our popcorn is raised in the finest fields of Midwest USA; located right in the heart of America's Corn Belt. PrimeTime Popcorn is recognized for being Kosher Parve Certified, completely dairy free, made in the USA, and Gluten Free (naturally, since popcorn is gluten free).